Welcome to Project Zanshin


Zanshin - esstentially means complete follow through, leaving no trace. It means each thing, completely, as it is.


Does such a thing exist now or in the future? One could question wether anything exists at all or is it only in our minds and the thoughts that anything is real. Zanshin exists to us as we are living examples of the actions. A canvas's last stroke is an example of zanshin that you can see as a work of art to be admired and kept as being true.

Clearly if such a thing did exist that was in front of you, wouldn't you be able to see it? Sometimes things only exist if we look for them and the very act of looking for them creates their existance. Though one shouldn't merely be told to look if they aren't actually looking for something... or should they?????

Othertimes the lack of not finding promotes one to look deeper, since the wonder of not finding makes the joy of actually finding even more joyful. The harder we work the more savorful the reward. This is true in so many things.

Let the expression of curiousity that brought you here help continue your search, on another path and perhaps our paths will meet. Only allowing openness and positive energy into your consciousness may perhaps bring the paths together and everyone will benefit.

Until then.....

Project Zanshin is under construction